Gazoo Introduces CLaaS (Computer Labs as a Service). 

CLaaS is Gazoo’s answer to providing Open Access Labs anywhere, anytime without the risks associated with student adoption or usage patterns. 

CLaaS liberates software-based laboratories from the classroom and allows students to learn on their own time and via their own computing systems (Windows or Mac) but subjects the students to the same oversight and administrative restrictions as a classroom computer.  Gazoo built CLaaS upon the world-class reliability of Amazon’s AWS WorkSpaces and specifically designed CLaaS to integrate cloud services with the unique requirements of education.  Workspaces are shared between multiple students, similar to modern day classroom based lab computers.  Additionally, CLaaS seats are Dynamically Scalable.  

CLaaS hosts the traditional Open Access Labs in a Virtual Private Cloud inside Amazon's highly reliable, secure web services platform and leverages a proprietary pooling solution for affordability.  Gazoo offers multiple configuration types composed of CPU, GPU, memory and storage as required by the OAL software.  Yes, we can support SolidWorks and other CAD programs as well!

Feedback from CLaaS trials has been extremely positive!  Students are able to interact with academic requirements exactly like the technology in the rest of their life – anytime, anywhere.

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Impact of Dynamic Scalability

Gazoo has leveraged AWS to offer our customers the ability to overcome two crippling challenges facing VDI adoption for Open Access Labs: 1) student adoption pace and 2) annual usage patterns.  

Universities find that students adoption occurs in fits and starts with annual increases of up to 300% (peak to peak) to be common.  This puts a huge strain on administrators to plan for peak capacity and necessitates constructing a scalable architecture, often adding significant costs on a per-seat basis.  Gazoo eliminates risks associated with student adoption rates, by offloading the risk to Amazon’s AWS.

Open Access Labs are also subject to annual cyclical usage patterns with peak usage times exceeding off-usage times by 250-300%.  This results in a significant mismatch between offered load and the capacity of a fixed-seat system.  The following graph demonstrates the difference between a perfectly matched fixed-seat system to a dynamic CLaaS system as proposed by Gazoo for a 200 seat Virtual Open Access Lab implementation.

In this simple example, CLaaS exactly matches the offered student load with an average of 95 seats per month, resulting in over 50% savings verse a perfectly matched fixed seat implementation with 200 seats.  CLaaS provides an exponential savings when compared to a fixed seat implementation that is forecasting growth, or providing a safety factor for expected peak usage. 

With a reuse ratio of 40 students per peak demand utilization, Gazoo can support 8,000 students with only an average of 95 CLaaS seats per month!