How to wash your laundry using Lysol laundry disinfectant

This is a quick guide to washing your laundry with Lysul, which is a disinfectant that helps to clean and disinfect household items.

Lysurachem is the chemical used to disinfect household products.

LYSURACHEEM LYSUL WASHING METHOD: Use a clean, flat, towel and brush to wash.

Wash the items with a clean towel and a soft cloth.

If you have a towel, use it for a quick rinse.

DO NOT use a cloth towels, or a towel that is more than two inches long.

Using towels, towels with a long neck, or towels that are more than four inches long are not suitable.

Washing with a towel is not recommended.

Wash with a soft, damp cloth.

Use a soft towel that will not irritate your skin.

DO use a soft sponge, and avoid using a heavy towel.

WATER THE MATERIAL: Wash with water.

Avoid using any water that contains chlorine.

If the water is too hot, it can burn the skin and eyes.

DO make sure that the water contains enough chlorine to kill any microorganisms present in the water.

If there is any bleach in the solution, DO NOT apply the bleach directly to the clothing.

DO not use bleach to disinfect the clothes, but use bleach as a disinfecting agent.

Wash cloth diapers, baby clothes, and wash clothes with water, and if necessary, with detergent and bleach.

Wash laundry using a clean flat towel and do not use a towel with a longer neck or longer than four-inch long.

Use towels that will NOT irritate the skin.

WASH: Using a clean clean towel, do not rub or wash the cloth.

Wipe the towel with the dry towel.

DO rinse the clothes with a damp cloth after each wash.

If any of the laundry has been stored for more than 48 hours, it should be rinsed in cold water.

WET WASH WITH A WATER: Wipe any dry items with your clean clean dry towel or damp cloth, and then gently scrub off the stain.

DO let the stain dry, then gently rub it away.

DO leave the stain to dry, and use a clean cloth to rinse.