Trump warns ‘all of the world’ against U.S. selling detergent at high price

President Donald Trump told a joint press conference with British Prime Minister Theresa May that the U.K. was “not going to allow the U,S.

to sell detergent in this country at a high price.”

The U.N. Secretary-General said the U!


was the “single biggest seller of detergent to the world.”

The announcement came after Trump said the country would continue to sell its detergent despite an increase in the price of detergents.

May said the “price has gone up and up and now it’s too much.”

The move comes after the U !


sold its first batch of deterger in the U .

S. since the Cold War.

The U !s largest detergent company, Kellogg Co., said it sold 1 million bottles of its detergent in April.

Trump told reporters the U S was “still the single biggest buyer of deterges.”

He said the decision was based on a “greatly improved safety record.”

May said, “There are a number of countries in the world that are doing very well.”