How to avoid Walmart’s ‘disgusting’ washing machines

Walmart’s washing machines are filthy and they smell like a dumpster.

It’s hard to find a cleaner.

The company is currently investigating complaints from customers.

The washing machines were first spotted in stores last week.

Walmart has been making a major push in its home-delivery business with a laundry detergent that can wash up to 4.5 tons and can be used in a single washing cycle.

However, the detergent is also being used by many consumers as a disposable product, even though they are supposed to store the detergents in their laundry room.

“They have no smell. “

Our washing machines and drying racks are being used for laundry by millions of Americans,” the spokesperson said.

“They have no smell.

They are a hassle.

They smell like they’ve been doused in bleach.”

“We take the washing machine washing very seriously, and we’ve been working closely with our suppliers to ensure that all our machines and racking systems are clean,” the company added.

Despite the washing-machine complaints, Walmart did not stop shipping detergent from the home-distribution business to stores.

In a statement, Walmart spokeswoman Jennifer Brown said that the company has “an extensive laundry management program” and that it is “always looking for ways to improve our product lines.”

“We’re committed to maintaining the cleanliness of our products and will continue to provide the best products for our customers,” Brown added.