Slime, detergent and vinegar to go on sale in Kansas City as city works to rid its streets of the bacteria

Kansas City, MO— The city of Kansas City has begun the process of phasing out its use of household and household products with the help of the National Guard.

The city’s Department of Health announced the change today.

Residents will not be able to purchase household and home cleaners, detergents, soap and detergent, dishwashers, dish washers, dryers, refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, or air conditioner fans.

Household products are still being phased out and will be replaced by new products such as detergent.

The switch is expected to be completed by August 2018.

The city’s new plan to transition to a clean energy future comes on the heels of the announcement last week that the city had installed a water treatment plant in a residential neighborhood that will treat wastewater and treat the wastewater for the city.

The water treatment facility, which will be able process 50,000 gallons of wastewater a day, will be used for treating the wastewater from homes and businesses that do not have water treatment facilities, which is the main reason that residents and businesses are being asked to stop using household and domestic products.

The mayor’s office is still working on the details of the transition.

The new plan will not affect the city’s existing municipal services.

The announcement comes a day after the city announced that its municipal services will be fully transitioned to a 100 percent renewable energy system by 2021.