Man finds $10K to buy new toilet from local hardware store

A Melbourne man is now spending his savings to buy a new toilet after finding a discarded one in a local hardware shop.

The man was out shopping in the Melbourne suburb of Southbank when he noticed the empty bottle.

“I’m looking at it and I thought ‘there’s no way that’s going to work’,” he said.

“When I opened it up I thought it was some kind of joke.”

It’s a really cool product and I’ve been looking for it for a few years.

“We have the local hardware stores so I thought that’s what I would try and buy it.”

The man, who does not want to be named, said he was looking to upgrade his bathroom after having a toilet fail a few times.

“A few years ago I had a toilet that did not come out of the machine and I think I did it once, and that was pretty embarrassing,” he said of the experience.

“But the last time I had one that came out, it came out of a bowl and I was like ‘that’s not a good idea’.”

The man bought a new one for $10,000.

“This was the first time I’d actually had a new product in my toilet,” he added.

“You get the same thing from the previous toilet but you’re able to use it like a regular toilet.”

The new toilet is now in the toilet’s cabinet, and the man said he would be happy to go back to the local store and pick it up.