How to wash your hands with homemade laundry soap

A little soap and water won’t ruin your day and your clothes, but it will help to keep your hands clean and fresh.

This homemade laundry product is made by the makers of BKD and is made with natural ingredients that are free of harsh chemicals.

The product is meant to be used on a daily basis and it is designed to keep people clean and dry without irritating the skin. 

It is available for sale in various online stores and stores can be found online for a few euros.

This is a great choice for those who like to keep their hands clean. 


Wash your hands by rubbing your hands on a cloth with a damp cloth. 


In the washing machine, place the damp cloth on your hands and rub them on it. 3. 

Leave for 30 minutes and rinse the cloth with water. 


Remove the cloth from the machine and pat dry. 


Repeat the process. 


You can use this homemade laundry shampoo on your hair, beard and nails. 


The homemade laundry cleaner also contains natural ingredients, which are free from harsh chemicals and free of smell. 


 You need to use the shampoo every day for a month to get rid of any old smell.