Why are some washing machines so expensive?

A new washing machine brand is being launched that promises to cut costs in half by switching to environmentally friendly materials.

Cascade dishwashing detergent has been designed to reduce the amount of water required to wash dishes, by switching from petroleum-based detergents to compostable, biodegradable materials.

The company has also partnered with the world’s largest food packaging company, Argos, to offer the brand as an eco-friendly detergent.

The new detergent is priced at £7.99 per ounce and will be available to purchase from Argos stores across the UK.

The idea is that by switching away from the oil-based dishwasher, the water that is used to wash a dish is used in the process, instead of being pumped directly into the machine.

This is where the new detergent comes in.

A company spokesperson said: “It’s the most environmentally friendly way to wash the dishes and it’s also one of the cheapest, meaning you can wash them in under 10 minutes.”

It’s also incredibly efficient and it can reduce the need for oil by 90 per cent.

“The brand’s new products, which have been launched in the UK and Australia, are being made by the UK-based company Albertsons.

It was founded in 2016 and now has more than 500 stores across five continents.

Cascades is owned by Australian-based Alberton, which is one of Australia’s biggest manufacturers of home and garden products.

The brand was founded by former Woolworths executive and entrepreneur Craig Goss.

It is one the biggest detergent brands in the world, with more than 80 brands across five major markets.

It makes about $US1.6 billion a year in sales.