Kirkland to start using new sustainable detergent by 2020


– A Seattle-area clothing manufacturer has agreed to buy Kirkland laundry detergents from a Canadian company that sells more than 100 million pounds of detergent a year.

Kirkland said it will start using the new products by 2020 and expects to be a leader in the category in the United States.

“We’ve made significant investments in the sustainability of our supply chain, which includes buying and maintaining our own facilities and facilities in Canada and sourcing products from companies in other countries,” Kirkland said in a statement.

“With Kirkland, we will continue to invest in and support the sustainability efforts of our customers and employees, as well as in the growing number of customers in the U.S.”

The Kirkland brand began selling detergent in the 1980s and now has more than 40 brands.

It said it plans to continue to sell detergent made by the Canadian company until 2020, when it will buy Kirklanders own brands.

The Kirklands detergent will be made by Kirkland’s Canadian subsidiary, Kirkland Inc., a subsidiary of the Us company that has a market cap of $12 billion.

Kirkland also owns the Kirkland detergent brand and a Kirkland Laundry detergent.