How to buy a laundry detergents online

LISBON, Portugal — If you’re a brand-name laundry deterger manufacturer, you’re probably thinking of buying your laundry detergers from the likes of Lusim.

But as of this week, that won’t be an option.

Lusim announced Tuesday that it will no longer offer laundry detergas, a move that comes amid a wave of manufacturers exiting the laundry industry as companies struggle to keep up with rising consumer demands.

“With the growing number of manufacturers leaving the laundry sector and the loss of the brand Lusimo as a customer, we decided to remove the brand from our products,” said Lusomin CEO Joao Goulao.

In an emailed statement, Lusamin president Ricardo Costa said the company will focus on its core business, which is in the laundry field and will continue to supply the laundry business to its customers.

“In our industry, brands that have been around for decades are now struggling to adapt to the new realities of the modern consumer and their ever-increasing needs for convenience, efficiency and control,” he said.

The move by Lusemins makers is likely to have an impact on the price of its laundry deterge.

Lusiamin was recently among the first to drop its price tag, but Costa said Tuesday that the company plans to keep the price the same for a while, possibly until 2020.

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