When I see a shampoo bottle, I want one of these

An article by Ars Technic’s John Gruber explains why he’s now using a new brand of detergent instead of the popular brands like Bath & Body Works and Tide.

Gruber says he’s had “an immediate reaction” to the shampoo bottle he’s been using.

“The product is really easy to use and easy to clean,” he said.

“And I can feel it and smell it and taste it.

I can really feel it.”

Gruberg, who has been using Tide detergent for a year, says he likes the smell and feel of Tide detergents.

But there are two problems with the brand.

First, the brand isn’t exactly clear on its ingredients.

For example, it says “100% natural and free of parabens, phthalates, sodium lauryl sulfate, and mineral oil.”

But it’s also unclear what those ingredients are.

For example, while Tide says “water based” and “organic,” the ingredients list doesn’t list “non-organic” or “organic.”

Second, the detergent is pretty expensive, and not just because of the cost of ingredients.

“The product contains approximately 0.06% [polyethylene] styrene, 1.8% [methyl methacrylate], 0.2% [hydroquinone] and 0.3% [sodium chloride],” according to the Tide website.

A lot of detergens, including Tide, are sold as a whitening agent, but it’s unclear whether this detergent would actually be a whitener or a whitenant.

It’s also unknown whether the brand has a whitelist.

“It’s hard to know how this detergent actually does whiten,” Gruber said.

A company spokesperson told Ars that the company is “committed to sourcing and testing products with a zero-toxicity label for all brands.”