The new ‘tide detergent’ may have the same ingredients as the old

By Simon Hradecky, created July 09, 2018 06:38:28Tide detergents are among the most popular household cleaners, and there’s no denying that they’re popular with families and pets.

But there’s been a bit of a backlash over the years, with some consumers complaining that the chemicals are toxic, and some even suggesting that they could be carcinogenic.

Now, a new product may have made waves with some users, and even prompted a recall of some Tide detergent brands, but the company’s been quick to deny it.

The Tide brand, which is used in more than 90 per cent of its products, has been widely criticised for the chemicals used in some products, including the detergent.

The company said that while the ingredients in its detergent are safe, it was aware of an incident in which some consumers experienced a reaction to a Tide detergent.

“We are aware of a number of concerns regarding Tide products.

In light of this, we have voluntarily recalled the products that contained these ingredients, and are undertaking a full investigation,” said a spokesperson for the company.”

As a precaution, we are also recalling some Tide products made in China.

In addition, we will be introducing new products that are more environmentally friendly, which are safer, and that we believe are better for our environment.”

A number of the products affected by the recall have now been withdrawn from sale, including some Tide brands, which have all been removed from store shelves.

The company’s spokesperson also pointed out that consumers were advised to use a new brand of Tide detergar which has been developed in conjunction with Australian chemical manufacturer Bio-Rad Laboratories, and is not compatible with the old brands.

The statement also said that the new detergences will be available in Australia and New Zealand at the end of July, and will not be sold overseas.

Tide is a chemical-free, all-purpose detergent, which has also been shown to have antibacterial properties, and has long been used by Australians and tourists alike.

It is commonly used in restaurants, hotels, laundries and bars, and can be found in many popular detergent and cleaning products.

The Australian Product Safety Authority (APSA) says that products containing the ingredients are not safe for use in human contact.

The agency has issued a warning on Tide products in Australia, urging consumers to be aware of the potential health risks.

Tides spokesperson said that it is a safe product and that the company had already taken action to reduce the amount of toxic chemicals in its products.

“This is a precautionary measure, as we are aware that some customers may experience a reaction, particularly when using these products in public, to which they are normally accustomed,” the spokesperson said.

“It is also our intention to investigate and take any necessary action if a customer does experience a potential reaction.”

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