What to know about Surf laundry detergents

Aussie surf lifesavers may soon be able to avoid costly allergy shots and surf and turf cleaners thanks to a new product from the Australian firm Meyers.

The surf and surf-loving Australian says it is working with a company called Surf Life Australia to launch the surf-detergent allergy treatment, the first product from its surf lifesaving range.

Read more”It’s the first time that surf lifesaver products are actually being made into a pill form and that’s really exciting for surf lifesaves,” Meyers chief marketing officer Nick Farr said.

“We’ve had surf lifesave patients say they’re thrilled they can now do this.”

The product is made from an organic surf detergent made from a combination of natural surfactants and surfactant-free detergent.

Meyers is offering a $20 discount to Surf Life users who sign up to a trial program.

The trial will run until October, and users will be offered the surf and surfing-friendly detergent at the $20 price point.

“They can buy a pill or a capsule or they can buy the pill in a bottle,” Mr Farr told News.

Computers are becoming a bigger part of life, but surf lifesaved surfers will still need to be on their toes.

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