Watch: The new ‘Game of Thrones’ trailer with new scenes and characters

Game of Thrones is the first drama to be shown exclusively on the iPad and the first to use a full-screen feature in the trailer.

The trailer for Game of Throne has featured a fullscreen mode that allows the user to adjust the focus to change the way the camera pans, and to zoom in or out to take a closer look at any part of the scenes.

The feature is the latest addition to the new iPad app and is the fourth time a trailer has featured the feature.

The previous two trailers feature only the iPad version of the game.

The iPad version also features a new ‘screening’ mode, where the viewer can select the location of the next scene to start playing, and the time to start watching, with the ability to turn the scene on and off.

The Game of Thorns trailer also features new scenes in the series, including a scene in which Tyrion and Cersei have sex in the Tower of Joy.

A few of the new scenes were filmed in the same location, including one in which Cersei and Tyrion kiss in a brothel, and a scene that saw Jaime and Jon Snow walk hand-in-hand through the frozen North.